Earth Pilgrim

satish.jpgIf you live in UK, you may well have seen the beautiful film last week on BBC2, focusing on ecologist and writer Satish Kumar, and his relationship with the natural world of Dartmoor. 

Here’s more news of it from Schumacher College

“Earth Pilgrim Satish Kumar, Programme Director at Schumacher College in the media spotlight
Millions tuned in to watch Earth Pilgrim last week. part of the BBc series Natural world. narrated by Satish. This was a beautitul piece combining the story of Satish’s life with a year on Dartmoor Several high profile press stories surrounded the programme.
Satish speaking in
Earth Pilgrim: Sadly, the human species considers itself as a superior species and, in that, we try to control nature, manipulate nature. The way we treat our animals… forests… our oceans and rivers, and land and soil that appears as if we are at war with nature. And in waging war against nature, we create problems for ourselves, because we ARE nature. And global warming. pollution of rivers, depletion of resources, is like cutting he branch upon which we are sitting.

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walk with the Earth Pilgrim- being taugh by Satish
Soul Man a piece about Satish by John Vidal in the Guardian
Listen to
Elegant Simplicity and other podcasts by Satish on the Resurgence website .”

It is a simple matter to find out more about this inspiring man on the internet. I hope that soon the entire world will be able to see “Earth Pilgrim”, which, in its quiet simplicity and sanity, speaks of our connection with the whole of nature.

Here’s a link to a feature in the Guardian Newspaper.
And here’s another page from Schumacher College:

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