Climate Rush

Here’s an invitation for those able to get to London on 12th January: “Dinner at Domestic Departures”. Dinner will be at 7pm, at London’s Heathrow Terminal 1. Edwardian dress required. Your host is Climate Rush, a group of environmental suffragettes.


If the recent spate of cold weather to hit UK, has caused any doubts about whether Climate Change is really happening, I would urge you to look at some of the many reputable websites on this topic – including some of those listed on my ‘Art and Environment’ section in the sidebar. Can’t be doing with all the science and technical stuff? Then check out ‘Wake Up Freak Out’ and Artists Project Earth (APE), two good sites that say it all in real human language.

It is worth finding out about the many species around the world that are becoming extinct, largely because of human behaviour –  through over-exploitation and pollution, and a resultant rapidly-changing climate. Yes, this is perhaps an over-simplification, but this is a simple blog post, after all.

It is worth thinking about the wildlife… birds, insects, butterflies… forced to move upwards and northwards to habitats appropriate for breeding, then finding themselves trapped, their corridors blocked by massive urban expansion. It is worth thinking about the  plight of the bee population. It is worth remembering too, that just one species made extinct, makes an irrepairable hole in our food chain.  

‘The Climate Rush’   has a Facebook group, where you can find out more. Meanwhile, here is their official announcement:


The climate suffragettes are back and they’ve got a new target.

On the day politicians return to Parliament from their winter break we will be heading to Heathrow to voice our views.

We will welcome the politicians back from their winter recess by holding a picnic at heathrow terminal one – ‘dinner at domestic departures’ – our presence will be, as ever, completely lawful!

String Quartet, Jazz and Butlers to boot. Come join us….

No Airport Expansion
No Increase in Air Traffic
No Domestic Flights

“Dinner at Domestic Departures”
Monday 12th January, 7pm
Heathrow Terminal 1

Dress Code: Edwardian, sashes provided

Download the flier:

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