TREE: Natural History Museum

I thought to share this image with you, of Tania Kovats’ magnificent installation at London’s Natural History Museum.  It is made from thin slivers cut through the entire length of a 200 year-old oak.

Tania Kovat's 'Tree' at London's Natural History Museum

I must say, I have some reservations about felling such a majestic and venerable tree for this purpose – but who am I to say? The result is certainly food for the soul. (And, more cynically, I am glad she did the politically correct thing when the work was done, and planted a few saplings for the video.)

Kovats’ starting point for the project was Darwin’s tentative drawing in one of his notebooks, of what later became known as the Evolutionary Tree.

This info was originally sent to me on Facebook by Neil Astley of Bloodaxe Books. Very grateful!

Here’s the video of how TREE got made.

… and there is a wealth of further TREE info on the Natural History Museum’s website.

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2 Responses to TREE: Natural History Museum

  1. Yes, it is a magnificent work of art – so dense with resonances. I can still almost feel the life of the tree, even sliced up and through the medium of a web image.

    I don’t remember seeing anything about the length of time taken, in the video. A fair number of months I would think – though she will have had masses of assistance every step of the way – from technicians, tree surgeons etc.


  2. planoaddlct says:

    That’s incredible. Does it say how long this took her to do?
    And honestly, I’d rather see a tree become art than a few sheets of paper.

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