In the Woods – Essential Nature Walk

We had a lovely morning exploring Bucks Valley Woods, slowing down, becoming quiet, and enjoying the peace and tranquillity of trees. We absorbed the quiet sounds of the breeze high in the canopy, the trickling water of the stream below… and the myriad fascinating forms of nature that we found along our way. It was great to be together – seeing the world through others’ eyes, learning from each other, and enjoying a common experience.

I regard walks like these as a sort of  ‘feeding time’. They are an opportunity to reconnect with nature and each other –and an antidote to what appears to be escalating violence and destruction around the world, towards each other and other life-forms and towards the natural environment that sustains us. For sure, change will never come from above, the established global hierarchy, but from ordinary people like us, engaged in simple peaceful activity. Plus the walks are a lot of fun!

Here’s another impression of the walk – by Anne Wilkinson, one of the walkers:

It was appropriate that the new EN walk coincided with a time of seasonal renewal of the woodland, fresh green foliage shading out the primroses and bluebells of spring, and seedlings growing in the cleared areas.

After looking at some of Linda’s most recent artworks, one of the group was inspired to make some ephemeral art herself, using dead beech leaves, moss and pinecones.

The slow pace of the walk made us aware of things we wouldn’t normally see, our imagination conjuring up mythical creatures from the storm-damaged trunks and fallen branches in the oldest part of the wood; our senses were sharpened and we noticed the whisper of the stream, mysterious fungi, the summer absence of birdsong, subtle smells of growing plants and the countless shades of green.

With much laughter, we negotiated some (very) muddy areas and rounded the walk off with coffee and something to eat at Hoops Inn, where we thanked Linda for organising such an enjoyable morning.

Photos are by Linda, Fiona and Nicky.


The next walk will be on 14th August at Fremington Quay.
For further information, leave a message in the comments box.

About throughstones

I am primarily a visual artist, living on the North Devon coast, a beautiful semi-rural area in South West England. I am interested in full engagement with 'place' and the eternal movement of life - particularly as it relates to what we call 'the natural environment'.
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