The Woods in Winter

Last month, January, was unseasonably mild here in North Devon, and it rained almost every day. For sure, this is a warmer part of UK, but one would normally expect a certain amount of snow and cold weather. Instead of this,we  have had spring flowers blooming since last December (daffodils, primroses, and even more exotic blooms); birds all around have been displaying courtship behaviour, and I have twice been bitten by a mosquito.  None of this very world-shattering in itself, but certainly a significant indicator of our ever-changing climate.

Here’s a slideshow of two or three brief visits I made to the woods, exploring a short distance alongside the fast-running stream.  It reflects my experience of a specific time in a specific place.


About throughstones

I am primarily a visual artist, living on the North Devon coast, a beautiful semi-rural area in South West England. I am interested in full engagement with 'place' and the eternal movement of life - particularly as it relates to what we call 'the natural environment'.
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