Recurring Themes

Again and again I return to these woods. This place has become part of my inner infrastructure.  Yet I know everything is subject to change, moment by moment – and I know, for one reason or another, that one day I shall return no more.

During my visits, I have been carefully watching nature’s changes over the course of the four seasons – almost imperceptible, unless one is paying attention, in which case the changes are pretty obvious – and amazing!  This week, I have particularly noticed more and more tiny green shoots pushing up through the ground, and the tips of twigs on surrounding trees looking a little more swollen and perky every day. Today, I saw a few early primroses along the banks of the woodland track,  reminding me that Spring is on its way once again.

After so many months of rain, there is a massive amount of luxuriant green moss covering branches and trees all over the woods – cool, soft and gorgeous. I gathered up fallen moss-covered branches and made this piece of concentric rings on the as yet bare cold earth of February.

linda gordon - moss-covered branches, Bucks Valley Woods, North Devon, Feb 2016

Moss-covered branches returning to the earth.


About throughstones

I am primarily a visual artist, living on the North Devon coast, a beautiful semi-rural area in South West England. I am interested in full engagement with 'place' and the eternal movement of life - particularly as it relates to what we call 'the natural environment'.
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  1. Apologies – I see that a big chunk of this post has somehow gone missing… Probably because it was very late last night that I wrote it!
    Never mind – you are probably better off without it!


  2. Suzanne says:

    I love the idea of making art in the forest. I think I will start doing that too.

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