Environmental Artist, Linda Gordon (Throughstones)

Environmental artist, Linda Gordon (Throughstones).

Hello, and thanks for visiting my THROUGHSTONES blog.

I am an artist whose work is about ‘place’ and the endlessly shifting movement of life. My practice is wide-ranging – often taking the form of sculptural installations, both large and small, in and out of doors – always temporary. in keeping with the eternal movement of life, and lasting for perhaps many years to just long enough to take a photo. 

Linda Gordon on AxiswebTHROUGHSTONES,  reflects my interests, themes and working processes, as well as  day to day experiences, musings, walks and explorations in nature.

From time to time, I will wander off to take a look at anything that catches my attention – from artists I admire, exhibitions and matters of ecological interest, to small local events and family life – anything in fact, that for me makes life meaningful and real.

It has always been important for me to work close to the place I call home, for however long or short a time. There is a lot in these pages about North Devon, where I have been living since September 2006. Before that, I was on a year’s residency in rural Northumberland, during which I made a circular stone piece called Throughstones, which became the title of this blog. It is also my internet nickname! I use it on social media sites and other places where you can find my work.


Two views of Throughstones – made with stone from a nearby disused drystone wall, and sealed with imagery of local trees in winter. 

Why did I pick this for my blog and nickname? For me, the significance of the Throughstones piece was that it encompassed in a direct physical form what I could not express in any other way – from the universal to the absolute specifics of a particular spot on earth.

I  love hearing about people’s everyday explorations, adventures and places. I enjoy sharing the experience, even if I can never go there physically myself. So I am very much looking forward to sharing thoughts, ideas and impressions with you, about the amazing world we all live in.

For more information about my art projects and activities, please see my website:

LINDA GORDON: art, nature and place

turf spiral with mirror sheeting








Unless otherwise stated, all text, images, videos, audio recordings and artworks shown on this blog are © Linda Gordon. I am happy to share whenever possible –  please contact me before going ahead, then I can give you more details, and also any conditions required.
LINDA GORDON: art, nature and place

8 Responses to About…

  1. As a lover of land art installations (http://raxacollective.wordpress.com/2011/09/29/field-of-dreams/)
    it was wonderful to come across your site.
    What is the top photo? Is that water showing through? Very intriguing!


    • Thank you – and equally I should like to say that I discovered your site via ‘Artful Explorations in Nature’ about one hour ago, and have been perusing it ever since. Wonderful photographs of flora and fauna, and inspiring, informative and interesting text. Meanwhile the pile of (belated) Christmas cards sits on my desk, and household chores remain undone.
      It is always wonderful to discover like-minded people, and I am heartened to read of your work. I shall put a link on this blog, and will email you soon.
      Not sure which site or photo you were looking at. If it was the holly photo – yes that is water (the river estuary near my home) in the background.

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  2. Thilde says:

    Hi Linda

    I just read your post on COP15 and thoutgh I’d write you. I’m actually in Copenhagen right now at COP15 where I’m involved in a project called I do 30. It’s about encouraging people to do their laundry at lower temperatures to save CO2. Right now were giving people around the world a chance to share their climate statements at COP15. You can check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41DsicIULr4

    All people have to to is to post their statement at our facebook wall: http://facebook.com/ido30

    Hope you feel like joining and encouraging your readers to do the same 🙂


    Thilde, Copenhagen

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  3. Hi Linda,

    Rather than send another e-mail, thought I would post on here…just to prove I’ve had a look! Very impressed…You said why on earth are you doing it – well that’s why – in your case – Earth…(see I gave it a capital letter…) Don’t worry about why we do these things – some things one just does…right-brain activity doesn’t look for reasons…there’s enough left-brain stuff in the world… we do rely on it for our bread-and-butter, but the right-brain needs nurturing and someone has to do it!

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  4. shadowshift says:

    Forgive me for bumping you. It was an accident. I love your site what I’ve seen of it. Having grown up in Massachusetts before many travels which finally led me to the West Coast, these images remind me of my time spent on Cape Cod or the Maine Coast which I miss dearly.

    I’ll return soon. Take care. –James


  5. Hi Danny – like you, I certainly do not regard our planet or the ground under our feet as ‘dirt’. In fact, I am always slightly disturbed when I hear either of them referred to as such.

    But I do recognise there are many different ways of using and writing potent words such as earth, god, nature etc. It is a wonder how us humans ever manage to understand each other at all!


  6. danny says:

    you should capitalize the word EARTH, as Earth, not earth. if you really love the Earth. it is a proper noun….not dirt


  7. hi linda

    penny klepuszewska, one of the WiF artists, found your review and just sent me the weblink. having read the lovely and thoughtful words on the link about the women in farming exhibition i went to the site’s ‘about’ page to see who had written such a caring review and found it to be you — the photo of you beside your ‘recent work in progress’ was the clue i needed.

    thank you so much — i will forward the link to everyone involved in the project (artists and farmers) as they deserve to see the praise they have generated.

    hope to see you soon.

    all best and thank you,




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