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Looking Back: Little Views

For this artist’s residency, having no specific outcome required of me, I was able to respond and explore the Cabin and its surroundings in depth – recording my findings with written notes, quick sketches, photographs  and some small, short-lived  land … Continue reading

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Day and Night: dreaming of Springtime

Another bright, beautiful and somewhat chilly day.. Today, instead of primroses, on either side of me there were bluebells all the way up the track.  The primroses were still there, but they were gradually dying down, and being replaced by the … Continue reading

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Time and Tide

Cley next the Sea is a village which hundreds of years ago was a bustling port by the North Sea along Britain’s North Norfolk coast. Over history, there has been a process of silting up, causing this medieval port to … Continue reading

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Little White Houses

It must be around two months now since we were at Baggy Point, and we have been experiencing seemingly endless rainstorms and widespread flooding ever since. Northam Burrows is extensively flooded and looks pretty exciting from my top floor window. … Continue reading

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Landscape & Arts Network

It is some time since I have written about the Landscape & Arts Network, of which I am a long-time member. Actually, to my surprise, it’s been over three years, during which time we have all been on many journeys … Continue reading

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Walking at Leisure

Our first Essential Nature AONB Art Walk took place on Saturday, in idyllic sunshine, with a gentle wind wafting across the Burrows from the Atlantic. We relaxed, taking in the views across the wide sweep of Bideford Bay. Closer to hand, we admired … Continue reading

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The Burrows

Meanwhile, back in Devon, there has been endless endless endless planning and preparation, and endless work on the computer… this is all I seem to be doing these days – that, and fretting about all the studying I should be doing … Continue reading

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Wistman’s Wood

Our Arts and Ecology group spent a day on Dartmoor last week. Grimspound Bronze Age village and Wistman’s Wood – a magical area of twisted, dwarfed trees, smothered with lichen, ferns and mosses, that had somehow managed to push their … Continue reading

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Artful Ecologies

The second conference on Art, Nature and Environment organised by the RANE research cluster at University College Falmouth took place recently.    We can no longer ignore the mass of evidence from around the globe that points to a catastrophic … Continue reading

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