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West Town Farm: Spring

West Town Farm is host to Organic Arts, an organisation that attracts artists and community groups for miles around to come and work and learn together.  I last visited one wet and wintry day back in November. (You will find the … Continue reading

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Landscape & Arts Network

Today, interdisciplinary and collaborative working is commonplace. In large property development and regeneration programmes we see artists involved in all stages of the design process. It is no longer the case of being invited to tack on a nice bit … Continue reading

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Jean Paul Ganem

Apologies for such a long absence! Let’s just say it involved scaffolders, chimneys, endless family illnesses, and a massive miscalculation of my work schedule. Here is my appraisal of Jean Paul Ganem. He was meant to be my Artist of the Year … Continue reading

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Back to the Burrows

This is what the Burrows looked like today. Looks quite tranquil, but I can tell you, it was bitterly cold, with a ferocious gale blowing.     I managed to find shelter in a hollow among the stones, before braving the full blast of the … Continue reading

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West Town Farm

A visit to West Town Farm, near Exeter – where I am hoping to make work next summer. It is an organic farm, and hosts a flourishing environmentally-conscious arts organisation: ‘Organic Arts’  which attracts people from miles around to come … Continue reading

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Cape Farewell

Cape Farewell’s recent Disko Bay Expedition to Greenland has returned. This is the latest of Cape Farewell’s inspiring and adventurous expeditions to investigate climate change issues in Arctic regions. Over 40 scientists, musicians and artists were on board, including musician … Continue reading

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London Exhibition

Here are a few pictures from the exhibition. It was exciting for me to spend time with such a variety of artists and designers, and see their different approaches to landscape. This sort of stimulation is essential for artists. It is all too … Continue reading

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Public Art

I much appreciated an interesting and informative training day last week, run by Creative Dorset and led by urban designer Mark Luck – relating to a forthcoming public art project. In the field of public art, artists need particular knowledge … Continue reading

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Women in Farming

This heart-warming exhibition, currently running at Exeter Phoenix , comes out of a project run by Aune Head Arts, the contemporary arts organisation based on Dartmoor. The project involved six women artists exploring the lives and work of three women … Continue reading

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“Before there were Art Galleries, Art was a Song of the Soul.” Paul Devereux

2. The second artist: Susan Derges. Susan Derges has pushed the boundaries of modern photography, in her search for a direct experience of natural phenomena, unmediated by the subjective self. She is particularly known for her beautiful images of water, … Continue reading

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