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Richard Long Exhibition

Heaven and Earth: Richard Long Retrospective at Tate Britain, London. We are embedded within heaven and earth. It is our real identity. There is not a lot more to say, though as a species, we seem to make an awful … Continue reading

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Earth Hour on Northam Burrows

I am continually amazed at the sudden shifts in temperature and weather round here. Today – a bright sunny spring day, out with the family. In between pushing the baby buggy uphill, loaded with our newly-gathered stone collection from the … Continue reading

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Landscape & Arts Network

Today, interdisciplinary and collaborative working is commonplace. In large property development and regeneration programmes we see artists involved in all stages of the design process. It is no longer the case of being invited to tack on a nice bit … Continue reading

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Sky Stones

Now I have a filthy cold. Can’t understand it. With Christmas looming on the horizon and nothing done, and a piece of work to make for early January- not to mention numerous other deadlines – here I am, flopping about the house … Continue reading

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London Exhibition

Here are a few pictures from the exhibition. It was exciting for me to spend time with such a variety of artists and designers, and see their different approaches to landscape. This sort of stimulation is essential for artists. It is all too … Continue reading

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What is Landscape?

There must be as many points of view, interpretations and definitions of ‘landscape’ as there are people. The farmer, the property developer, the holidaymaker and the conservationist are unlikely to have an agreed concept of landscape, though they might all … Continue reading

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The Great Purpose of Landscape Art…

  one section of the work I shall be showing… I have been making work for an exhibition next month in London. Curated by Sian Harris, it is called “The Great Purpose of Landscape Art is to Make Us at Home in … Continue reading

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Coming home from the funeral of a long-time and special friend, I stop by at the great stone church at Hartland Quay.  It is a day of storms, straight off the Atlantic – the rain torrential, wind savage. I do not … Continue reading

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Marking the Place

Soft winter sun. After the storms of the last few days, there is suddenly no wind. Down through the muddy woodland path to the river. This landscape is still a little unfamiliar to me: the way the trees and undergrowth … Continue reading

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