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LOFAR is a low frequency radio telescope array based in various parts of Europe, mainly in the Netherlands. It consists of many thousands of small sensors (rather than a few large dishes), enabling scientists to survey wide areas of the … Continue reading

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Brain and Being

There is often a strong duality to my artworks, as shown in my frequent use of opposing materials – heavy natural stone for instance, juxtaposed with lightweight manufactured paper. It is a lifelong struggle of mine, to find a sort of wholeness … Continue reading

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TREE: Natural History Museum

I thought to share this image with you, of Tania Kovats’ magnificent installation at London’s Natural History Museum.  It is made from thin slivers cut through the entire length of a 200 year-old oak. I must say, I have some reservations about felling … Continue reading

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Stones and Blades of Grass

Flandrumhill has reminded me of something from the Resonance Project’s website: “Instead of seeing ourselves as separate from everything around us, this view allows us to recognize that we are embedded in a fractal feedback dynamic that intrinsically connects all … Continue reading

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Crossing the Event Horizon

” Crossing the Event Horizon: Rise to the Equation” Do you, like me, have a bit of trouble figuring out how the universe works?  Do you get exasperated too, with the general antagonism between those in the science/ technology camp and … Continue reading

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Landscape & Arts Network

Today, interdisciplinary and collaborative working is commonplace. In large property development and regeneration programmes we see artists involved in all stages of the design process. It is no longer the case of being invited to tack on a nice bit … Continue reading

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Brandon Ballengée

Brandon Ballengée is a biological artist, whose researches are revealing that deformities among amphibians are increasing at a frightening rate throughout the world. Not only that, but their populations are declining fast – some already completely vanished. It all seems … Continue reading

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Cape Farewell

Cape Farewell’s recent Disko Bay Expedition to Greenland has returned. This is the latest of Cape Farewell’s inspiring and adventurous expeditions to investigate climate change issues in Arctic regions. Over 40 scientists, musicians and artists were on board, including musician … Continue reading

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Artful Ecologies

The second conference on Art, Nature and Environment organised by the RANE research cluster at University College Falmouth took place recently.    We can no longer ignore the mass of evidence from around the globe that points to a catastrophic … Continue reading

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