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Budleigh Salterton: a Springtime Idyll

Below is a selection of quick photos taken on a recent visit to the south of Devon,  meeting two of our Essential Nature friends for a perfect springtime day out. First, the train journey from north to south of the county … Continue reading

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Winter Collection: North Devon Woodland

I thought I would gather up some of my tree memories from around the North Devon Coast for you to enjoy. I have tried to show a good variety from different places and different times of the year.  But I … Continue reading

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Westward Ho! slow-down-look-out

mild, grey with cloud and yet warm sudden quiet rhythm of the ocean. warmth on the back of my neck no cars, just a few peaceful holiday makers. I walk along the edge of land and ocean; the surfaced track … Continue reading

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Yggdrasil’s Stone

I thought you might like some background information on what led me to make this piece – though I don’t normally explain my work very much, preferring people to take from it whatever they want.  I made it quickly, top … Continue reading

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World Labyrinth Day

Tomorrow it is World Labyrinth Day. I wasn’t going to do anything about it, but suddenly, just an hour or two ago, I had the idea that I might be able to contribute to this annual event initiated by The … Continue reading

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Devon Open Studios at Organic Arts

Equinox. A beautiful and tranquil autumn day at the farm: we enjoyed home-made organic cooking, watching the contented animals, wandering the trail of artworks… down the old railway cutting, between the trees, up and over the lush green fields of … Continue reading

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Here and There: a labyrinth project

The Here and There labyrinth project links Dartington Hall, Devon, and the Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, USA. It was conceived and carried out in collaboration with American labyrinth facilitator and artist, Carol Maurer. Our concept was for two labyrinths, one … Continue reading

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Time Present and Time Past

I have recently visited two fascinating properties owned by the National Trust. They could not be more different, yet the feelings they aroused in me were quite similar: a pleasant though mildly unsettling mix of detachment and personal involvement, and … Continue reading

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Barefoot Running Through the Hills of South Devon

I frequently run and explore the public foot paths around Totnes, which have gone rather muddy as of late. The cross-trainer running shoes that I wear normally encourage me to strike the ground with my heel first, causing me to … Continue reading

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My New Place

Safe in the quiet woods, I drew breath. I spent the entire morning and most of the afternoon pottering about and walking – getting lost, wading through mud and enormous puddles up to the top of my wellies, slithering down … Continue reading

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