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Arrival at the Cabin

Here’s a very short extract from the notes and jottings that I have been keeping daily during my time at the Cabin.  This is my first day, my first moments in situ. Since then my experiences and impressions of the place … Continue reading

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I Want to be Alone

I don’t really want to be alone, not totally! But there are times when I do feel the need to get away from noisy everyday life and all of its craziness, and just wander alone in the landscape.  This wandering … Continue reading

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The Power of the Rose

  I carefully checked the weather forecast last night to see how I could work outside – it looked terrible: pictures of black clouds and heavily outlined raindrops all over the place. So today I have been trying to adjust … Continue reading

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Birds in the Bush

Well, I woke up in the morning; the sun was shining and the birds were singing, so I made a rush for the secateurs in order to ‘tidy up’ the garden. Mistake! After hours of snipping and tweaking at our … Continue reading

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Long Way Home

I remember recently gazing at some sheep and wondering whether they ever got bored and frustrated with the continual necessity to keep their head down and carry on grazing. The same question passed through my head as I was crawling … Continue reading

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Time Present

It has been snowing. I gaze out over the houses below, across to the Burrows.    I hear birds and the distant roar of the sea. No traffic. Down below, the snow is blending the houses into the landscape: softening their … Continue reading

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What is Landscape?

There must be as many points of view, interpretations and definitions of ‘landscape’ as there are people. The farmer, the property developer, the holidaymaker and the conservationist are unlikely to have an agreed concept of landscape, though they might all … Continue reading

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