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Thomas Köner – Novaya Zemlya 1

Somehow the sound gives form to the utter silence. I feel the depths of my heart beginning to crack like thick ice, and the faintest stirrings of memory. My attention is gripped by the simplicity of the screen image.  Aeons … Continue reading

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Devon Open Studios at Organic Arts

Equinox. A beautiful and tranquil autumn day at the farm: we enjoyed home-made organic cooking, watching the contented animals, wandering the trail of artworks… down the old railway cutting, between the trees, up and over the lush green fields of … Continue reading

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Time Present and Time Past

I have recently visited two fascinating properties owned by the National Trust. They could not be more different, yet the feelings they aroused in me were quite similar: a pleasant though mildly unsettling mix of detachment and personal involvement, and … Continue reading

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low tide

Early in April we visited Fremington Quay near Barnstaple. Fremington used to be a thriving port and was the home of the famous Fishley Pottery. The geology here is amazing, with many coloured earth pigments in layers on the cliff … Continue reading

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not blogging but Flickring

I am reluctantly abandoning this blog until  later. Much as I enjoy my work, and studies, pressure of work seems to be taking up  all  my waking hours these days!  But please peruse my previous posts (see the search box and the monthly archives).  You will … Continue reading

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Now Comes Earth Day

Why do I keep having these ideas? And more to the point, why do I feel compelled to follow them through? You may remember back in the winter, I wrote about searching for a good site to make a pebble labyrinth. … Continue reading

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Earth Hour on Northam Burrows

I am continually amazed at the sudden shifts in temperature and weather round here. Today – a bright sunny spring day, out with the family. In between pushing the baby buggy uphill, loaded with our newly-gathered stone collection from the … Continue reading

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Finding the Place

I have been looking for a place to set out a pebble labyrinth. One look at my category cloud will tell you that the concept of ‘local’ is important to me, both in daily life and in my art practice. … Continue reading

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Marking the Place

Soft winter sun. After the storms of the last few days, there is suddenly no wind. Down through the muddy woodland path to the river. This landscape is still a little unfamiliar to me: the way the trees and undergrowth … Continue reading

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