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Divining Rods

Just completed! Here’s the first picture of Divining Rods at Highgreen,Tarset, Northumberland.  Lucy and I were commissioned to make this piece as part of VARC’s 10th birthday celebrations (Visual Arts in Rural Communities). More pictures and more info to come…  

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Jean Paul Ganem

Apologies for such a long absence! Let’s just say it involved scaffolders, chimneys, endless family illnesses, and a massive miscalculation of my work schedule. Here is my appraisal of Jean Paul Ganem. He was meant to be my Artist of the Year … Continue reading

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Peter Randall-Page

Continuing my musings about Public Art – the work of Peter Randall-Page comes to mind as being genuinely integrating… people with their surroundings, people with nature, people with each other, today and across the millennia. For me, his work conveys … Continue reading

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