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Having struggled most of the day with various forms of free video-editing software, and given up in disgust…   I would like to show you a real film –  by a real filmmaker: Voices by emerging experimental filmmaker Jodi  Lee. … Continue reading

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Here’s an atmospheric film by my friend Pamela, about the remote rural landscape of Tarset, Northumberland, where I recently lived for a year as artist-in-residence. It is wonderful to see this film, and be reminded of places I knew intimately … Continue reading

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Crude and Stupid: Two Horror Movies for Earth Day

more about “A Crude Awakening“, posted with vodpod more about “The Age of Stupid: final trailer Feb …“, posted with vodpod These films explore  two of the major issues of our era: dubbed Peak Oil and Climate Change. For two sane … Continue reading

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Brandon Ballengée

Brandon Ballengée is a biological artist, whose researches are revealing that deformities among amphibians are increasing at a frightening rate throughout the world. Not only that, but their populations are declining fast – some already completely vanished. It all seems … Continue reading

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Geese – from “Winged Migration”

The birding trip got called off because of foul weather – so here is a beautiful video of geese flying north, by ivos25, from the documentary film “Winged Migration’.

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