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Yggdrasil’s Stone

I thought you might like some background information on what led me to make this piece – though I don’t normally explain my work very much, preferring people to take from it whatever they want.  I made it quickly, top … Continue reading

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Bickleton Wood: A breath of fresh air

Yesterday, to Bickleton Wood – a clear crisp day after a lot of dull very cold weather. It was sunny, with just a slight sharp breeze under the trees. I walked into the stillness. Gradually the noise of ‘civilisation’ in … Continue reading

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A November Walk in the Woods

Paula, Jann and I walked in Chapel Wood, near Braunton: an area of ancient woodland densely covering a steep rounded hill. You reach it by crossing a field a little way off the A361. I was glad of the opportunity … Continue reading

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Repeating patterns…

I went back to the fallen tree a few days ago, and developed my work a little bit further. Gathering and arranging the tiny fragments of pottery and china strewn all over the beach – I dropped, this time, into a … Continue reading

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Fallen Giant

I left soon after 9 to walk to the estuary. After several stormy days and nights, I had caught a glimpse of the sun, calling me out. Water was running fast down the steep track, washing away mud, exposing stones … Continue reading

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My New Place

Safe in the quiet woods, I drew breath. I spent the entire morning and most of the afternoon pottering about and walking – getting lost, wading through mud and enormous puddles up to the top of my wellies, slithering down … Continue reading

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TREE: Natural History Museum

I thought to share this image with you, of Tania Kovats’ magnificent installation at London’s Natural History Museum.  It is made from thin slivers cut through the entire length of a 200 year-old oak. I must say, I have some reservations about felling … Continue reading

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Forest of Dean

Planting trees – crouching close to the ground, one’s animal senses reawaken.

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Art and Nature

An inspiring day on Sunday, at the Centre For Contemporary Art and the Natural World  (CCANW) in Haldon Forest near Exeter – where pioneering artist Alan Sonfist talked about his work from the early days when he was responsible for … Continue reading

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